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A Journey through Time

The first part of 2001: A Space Odyssey takes us into a journey through our far away past. So far away, that men-to-be were still defenseless creatures about to discover their first tools.

Frans Lanting‘s presentation, The LIFE Project, also takes us into a journey to our past, to the story of The Earth. Through his photographs he shows what the earth looked like when life hadn’t developed yet. And also how life developed from simple to complex forms.

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I’ve seen this video many times. And it always leaves me stunned and speechless. His presentation makes me -human being- feel part of nature. The quality of his photos is amazing, that’s true. But as amazing as that is the fact that the story of life in the earth can still be traced though present photos. Zooming in and zooming out, we can see what exists and what existed in that single moment of Lanting’s shot.

Lanting finishes his talk with these words, “And you all here today can imagine and will shape where we go next.

What do you imagine? Where will we (life on earth) go next? How will we shape our future?

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Moonlit Knight

I know you should be studying, preparing your exams. However, I’m here to interrupt you. I have been playing with quizzes.
A private student asked me to work with a song by Genesis, a group I used to love when I was a teen. Here’s a video, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, Peter Gabriel is singing.

It’s a song full of metaphors. Here you can read an interesting analysis and you can tell me in your own words what you think, does it sound too old?

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